BM-001C Biological Microscope

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BM-001D Biological Microscope
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Biological Microscope         (BM series)
ItemNo: BM-001C
This microscope is used in biological,organic pathological and Pharmaceutical research.It also can be used in college.Features
1. Wide view of eyepieces, brighter illumination adjustment and quality optics parts make clear image.
2. Inside fixed nosepiece and objective can make user operate smoothly and have better view.
3. It is convenient for user because of wide mechanical stage and double sides specimen clip.
4. Accurate focusing adjustment and rational design for relation of user and microscope make operator lightly when he is operating.
5. It is easy to change lamp because the light collector is fixed the better place.


Eyepiece WF10X
Objective Achromatic Objective(45mm)
4X , 10X , 40X(S) , 100X(S,Oil)
Viewing head Sliding trinocular head Inclined at
45 º,360º Rotatable
Stage Double layer Mechanical Stage 180mmX
150mm Moving Range:75mmX50mm
Condenser Abbe N.A.1.25 Condenser With Iris
Diaphragm & Filter
Focusing Coaxial Coarse&Fine Focus Adjustment
Light Collector High point fixed illuminate or kohler illumination
lllumination 85V-230V/12V30W Halogen lamp.Adjustable Brightness.
Optional Eyepiece: WF16X,WF20X,WF25X,P16X.Semi-plan:4X 10X 20X(S) 40X(S) 60X(S) 100X(S). Infinity objective: 4X 10X 40X(S)100X(S).Contrast Kit,(Backward nosepiece)


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