Wimshurst Machine (KS81510-1)

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Wimshurst Machine


This generator is used for absorbing plenty of electric charge and high voltage (more than ten thousand volts) in the experiments of electrostatics and can work with other appliances to do experiments on electric charge distribution on the surface of conductors, electric filed lines, point discharge and vacuum tube discharge. Without other devices, it also can be applied for a series of experiments, such as electrostatic induction, spark discharge, point discharge, capacitance change of capacitors (referring to Leyden jar on the generator), etc.
Conducting layers in the conducing disc of this generator is coated with conducting material characterized by its firmness and long working life. Without the deficiency of aluminum coating which is easily peeled off, this material improves the electrical properties and can work normally in the damp or rainy circumstance.
Primary Parameters:
KS81510-1: Diameter of conducting disc: 235mm
KS81510-2: Diameter of conducting disc: 235mm
KS81510-3: Diameter of conducting disc: 275mm

Ambient Temperature: -10~40℃
Discharge Distance: 1. ≥55mm when the relative humidity is 65%
2. ≥30mm when the relative humidity is below 80%



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