IBM-1A3 Inveried Biological Microscope

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Inveried Biological Microscope       (IBM-1A series)

ItemNo: IBM-1A3

Model IBM-1A series Inverted Microscope is furnished withlong working distance condenser long working distance
objective. It is advanced instrument suitable for culture of living specimen structure and research of liquid deposits, It also can
be used in research institutes universities medical treatment agriculture and animal husbandry etc.

Total magnification: 50X~800X
Accessory objective magnification: 1.25X
Plain-field long working distance objective:

Magnification Numerical Aperture
Working distance
Thickness in the bottom of culturing untensil
4X 0.1 17.4 1.5
10X 0.25 8 1.5
25X 0.4 5 1.5
40X 0.6 3 1.5

Plain-field eyepiece: WF10X(Φ18mm) WF16X(Φ11mm)
Coarse and fine focusing adjustment range: 30mm Division of fine focusing adjustment: 0.002mm
Interpupillary adjustment distance: 55-75mm
Illuminator elevating range: 20mm
Mechanical stage size: 190X145mm Moving range: 75X50mm Vernier division: 0.1mm
Artifical light source: 110V,220V/12V 50W halogen bulb with adjustable brightness.
Filter(yellow , green): Φ43mm
Main machine: 450X190X500mm(LXWXH)
Package: 1set/carton Outside packing: 415X245X540mm(LXWXH )(single)
G/N. Weight 11.5/10kg
IMB-1A2 equipping with binocular body, IBM-1A3 equipping with trinocular body.
Optional accessories for IBM-1A3: photo unit, micro-TV unit, digital micro-photo unit


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