human skeleton model

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    human skeleton model

    As long as they are accurate and detailed, human skeleton model are useful educational tools in a variety of settings. Health care professionals, from physicians and surgeons to physiotherapists and chiropractors, can use a life-size skeleton to educate patients regarding their condition or demonstrate a proposed treatment. Students in any health-related field benefit from having access to an anatomical skeleton, as it provides valuable hands-on learning and visual prompts for anatomy and physiology classes.

    These models are particularly useful for tactile learners memorizing the names and placement of all 206 human bones.

    While every model resembles the human skeleton, there are significant differences that determine how useful a model is and what profession or learning environment it’s best suited for. For example, models that show a slipped or herniated disc are useful for physicians and physiotherapists to demonstrate an injury and how they plan to treat a patient.

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