CBM-031A&CBM-031B male and female pelvis model

CBM-061A Life size Lumbar with sacral and coccyx
CBM-031C Female Pelvic with Muscles and Organs
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male and female pelvis model
The functions of the pelvis are: to provide attachments to the muscles of the trunk and lower limb,to support and protect the contained viscera.

Characteristics Male Pelvis Female Pelvis
Public arch Angle less than 90° Angle greater than 90°
Pelvic inlet Heart-shaped Round or oval
Pelvic outlet Relatively narrow Relatively wide
General structure Relatively massive Relatively delicate

Compared to a male’s pelvis, a female’s pelvic bones are relatively thin and lightweight and form a rounder, wider opening. Women’s hips have a wider range of motion as well.
Male have larger, heavier pectoral girdles , which help support the wider, more muscular chest and shoulders males develop after puberty.



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