Advanced CPR Training Manikin (Computer Control)

CBM-001G Disarticulated skeleton (test)
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Advanced CPR Training Manikin (Computer Control)
■ Simulation of vital signs: pupil and carotid arterial changes
■ Upper limb joints are movable
■ Airway opening
■ CPR training : CPR training is designed according to the 2010 AHA
Guidelines for CPR and ECC, can perform artificial respiration and
external cardiac compression, English voice prompts during the entire
process; standard airway open, real time operation waveform display,
voice prompts of correct and incorrect operation, data statistic, result printing, available of training and exam      mode
■ Multimedia courseware teaching is available, can be connected to
■ Available standalone version and online interactive version.
Standalone version can be upgraded to online interactive version
■ AED (optional accessory):adopt automated external defibrillator
(excessive for training), provide electrode patch, English prompts
during the entire process.




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