CBM-802B Meiosis model 10 parts

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CBM-701C Animal Cell Model
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Meiosis model 10 parts
This model is based on the enlarged display animal meiosis 10 stages.Meiosis is a special form of division.Chromosome replicated once during second consecutive division, thus result four sub-cell formed by half the number of chromosomes. Meiosis phase details as follows:
1. Interphase (stage of G1-phase)
2. Prophase I (leptotene)
3. Prophase I (zygotene and pachytene)
4. Prophase I (diplotene)
5. Prophase I (diakinesis)
6. Metaphase I
7. Anaphase I
8. Telophase I, cytokinesis I, interkinesis, prophase II and metaphase II
9. Anaphase II
10. Telophase II and cytokinesis II



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