BM-005B Biological Microscope

BM-005A Biological Microscope
BM-005C Biological Microscope
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Biological Microscope   (BM series)

This series is widely used in Biology, Histology, Medicament chemistry reseach and Clinical examination and education.

ItemNo: BM-005B

Eyepiece WF10X.WF16X
Objective 45mm achromatic objective:
Viewing head Compensation free Binocular head Inclined
at30º ,360º rotatable
stage Double layers mechanical stage:
140X155mm,Moving range X-Y:50X70mm
Diaphragm 2-30mm lris diaphragm and filter
Condenser ABBE condenser:N.A.1.25
Focusing Coaxial coarse and fine focusing
adjustable mechanism:30mm
Illumination Built-in adjustable bringtness halogen lamp
110Vor120V/6V20W,Kohler Illumination
Package Foamed plastic+carton
Optional Plan Achromatic Objective,Incandescent Lamp 20W,5W Fluorescent Lamp,LED Lamp,CCD Video Camera,
Accessories For Photography,Turret Annular Phase Contrast Kit, Wooden box


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