A1989 Test Tube Racks (Plastic)

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Test Tube Racks (Plastic)

Made of a blend of plollyproplene. Locking feels allow racks to be stacked while not in use. Rows are numbered and lettered for tube identification. Available in five siez and five colors.


White    Red Blue Yellow
A1989-1000 A1990-1000 A1991-1000 A1992-1000
A1989-1001 A1990-1001 A1991-1001 A1992-1001
A1989-1002 A1990-1002 A1991-1002 A1992-1002
A1989-1003 A1990-1003 A1991-1003 A1992-1003
A1989-1004 A1990-1004 A1991-1004 A1992-1004


Green Dia Tubes Rows
A1993-1000 13mm 90 6×15
A1993-1001 16mm 60 5×12
A1993-1002 20mm 40 4×10
A1993-1003 25mm 24 3×8
A1993-1004 30mm 21 3×7


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