Weight and Height Mechanical Scale

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The Health Scale KS-150 is a scale which can both weigh the body and measure the height. The scale has the advantages of large weighing range, accuracy and high sensitivity. It is widely applicable for measuring weight and height of person in enterprises, schools, the medical department. This scale also can be used for weighing other things. The health scale is also equipped with pulley which can make the movement in short distance more convenient.


Capacity: 150 kg.
Max heigt:2m
Anthropometric ruler with scale of 2,00m anodized aluminum, divisions 0.5 cm;
Minimum Weighing: 2 kg;
Platform: 380 x 290 mm;
Scale height of 1.35 m and height of the column of 1.20 mt;
Structure in carbon steel plate;
White polyurethane paint;
Ruler graduated in chromed steel 0-140 kilograms;
Scale aluminum profile 0-10 kilograms;
Cursor stainless steel;
Rubber mat anti-slip;
Synthetic rubber adjustable feet.



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