BM-003C Biological Microscope

BM-003B Biological Microscope
BM-004B Biological Microscope
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Biological Microscope         (BM series)

This series is widely used in Biology, Histology, Medicament chemistry reseach and Clinical examination and  education.
ItemNo: BM-003C

Eyepiece WF10X
Objective Achromatic Objective(45mm)
4X , 10X , 40X(S) , 100X(S) Oil
Viewing head Compensation free Trinocular head Inclined at30º ,360º Rotatable
Stage Double layer Mechanical Stage 180mmX
150mm Moving Range:75mmX50mm
Condenser Abbe N.A.1.25 Condenser With Iris
Diaphragm & Filter
Focusing Coaxial Coarse&Fine Focus Adjustment
Light Collector High point fixed illuminate or
Kohler illumination
lllumination 85V-230V/12V30W Halogen lamp.Adjustable Brightness.
Optional Eyepiece: WF16X,WF20X,WF25X,P16X.Semi-plan:4X 10X 20X(S) 40X(S) 60X(S) 100X(S). Infinity objective: 4X 10X 40X(S)100X(S).Contrast Kit,(Backward nosepiece)


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